Keeping Freeze-Dried Dog Food for Emergencies

Chances are if you own a dog, he or she has a strong place in your family. They want to be wherever their people are, and most of us would never contemplate leaving them behind in an emergency. That’s why it’s important to consider food options for your dog as a part of your emergency preparedness plan.

Freeze-dried dog food is a readily available product these days. Many people use it as an alternative to raw dog food, which requires time to process and a desire to handle the raw product. Not everyone has the stomach for that, which is why they turn to freeze-dried dog food, which goes through minimal processing from a raw state. Just like freeze-dried food for people, adding water or some other liquid will bring it back to its original state. (Learn more here.)

One thing to keep in mind with freeze-dried dog food is the amount you feed your dog will likely change. If you purchase a premade product, you will want to carefully follow the directions for the proper amount to feed Rover because it could be easy to overfeed. And having a sick furry friend during an emergency situation would be miserable for all parties involved.

Another point to consider is that pet food became a hot commodity at the height of the recent pandemic. Having stores of freeze-dried dog food on hand would prevent the need to try to find another source of pet food during another pandemic, weather emergency, or some other unforeseen circumstance. You can read more about the shortage here.

Creating a primed life means considering every aspect of life you would want to care for in the event of a crisis. That includes the smallest family members–our furry best friends. Having some extra pet supplies on hand that you can throw in your car could very well ease the stress of wondering how you’re going to care for your pet while you also care for the rest of your family.

Freeze dried dog food