Is a First Aid Kit a Must in Your Home?  Elsewhere?

Most families that I know have a drawer or cabinet in their home that contains  medicine, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, and in my day, even Bactine!  These supplies covered most of the bumps, scrapes, and bruises that a normal childhood would create.  However, heaven forbid, there was a major injury such as a broken bone, off to the emergency room we would go.

Like many other conveniences in our society, we are very blessed to have access to good, quick medical care in case of emergencies. Unless one lives in a remote area, an ambulance has always been a phone call away. Because of the recent experience, hospitals are not as accessible in certain times. There were periods during the pandemic that hospitals were full and even emergency rooms had difficulty serving everyone.

Is a First Aid Kit a Must in Your Home Elsewhere
Is a First Aid Kit a Must in Your Home Elsewhere

So, that breeds the question: “What do you have at home that can care for a more serious injury?”  HERE is an article that talks about using everyday household items to take care of “minor” injuries such as breaks, burns, and deeper wounds.  If your “First Aid Kit” is the cabinet style, this may give you some good ideas.

You can improve that cabinet by adding certain products.  Sterile water, medicine (that is not out of date, and tourniquets are extra supplies that will cover many more conditions.  HERE is an article with a longer list to create your own primed kits.

If you do not want to stress with building your own cabinet, there are many companies that sell kits that will cover just about anything short of death.  One of our affiliates, My Medic, kits, supplies, and even “Medpacks” for gunshots, burns, and airway disruptions.

Is a First Aid Kit a Must in Your Home Elsewhere

Other companies offer specialty kits for hunting, cycling, even the office.  See a good summary HERE.

No matter what, you should have something in case there is no one else to care for your loved ones. Remember our mantra: Primed for life…Ready for anything!