Generators? How much do they cost and how BIG should I get?

Many of our blog posts and forum discussions present great ideas on food, medicine, and even water storage.  After reviewing with a friend of mine, I was reminded that much would be for naught if we did not have power.  Unless you live in a hurricane or tornado zone, this is an afterthought.  Storms will knock out power, but it is normally back up within a day or two at most.  And, these days, it is not just natural disasters that are of concern.

Generators How big should I get

The only way to be self-sufficient in these situations is to own a generator.  Having access to your own, immediate power is a necessity in this world of data and smart phones.  However, this brings up so many more questions.  How big of a generator can I afford and how large should it be?

It really depends on the number of people you are supporting and the number of devices you need to run.  How many watts to power for how long?  This site HERE has a handy way to calculate what you might need and even suggests getting a little larger.  Like other devices, have you ever complained about having too much power?

My family had rented a beach house after a small hurricane recently that had a small backup generator.  We were excited to find it in the garage.  But then disappointed when it would only power the radio and we had to take turns charging our phones.  At least it was there to power the coffee maker in the morning!  So, it takes investing in the size, and expense, to get what you expect.

Generators How big should I get

There is an article HERE that explains the variances between size, power, and price.  There are also a great selection of portable generator on Amazon.  You could even go to the extreme and get something that might run a small city block for around $30k (before installation) HERE.  Like mentioned before, can you have too much power?

The only other concern is the fuel to power your generator.  We will address in a future post…